Jason Wiser is the married name of Jason Wiener, Wesleyan University BA grad, Emerson College MFA grad, and former Baltimore Teach For America High School English and Humanities Teacher. He currently teaches 3D and 2D Art, Animation, Game Development, Motion Graphics and Comics in MA at Harvard and Tufts Universities. He is the Department Chair of Animation at The New England Institute of Art in Brookline, MA, and is Creative Director for Yaya Play Games, where he developed the award winning card game Monsters in the Elevator.

Formerly he was a senior artist/animator for Fire Hose Games in Cambridge, MA on "Slam Bolt Scrappers" and on the predevelopment team for Harmonix Music System's "Dance Central," a web designer for online comic book store NextPlanetOver.com in New York and San Francisco, and a college instructor at Northeastern University, Emerson College, and the Art Institute of California – San Francisco.

He has participated in Burning Man twice (2000 and 2005), has been a contract modeling instructor/ consultant at Pixar Studios, an Artist In Residence at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts museum in San Francisco, a bouncer for an art club in Manhattan (just once), a contract animator for the Disney/ABC Family television show “Greek,” an animator for robots at the MIT Media Lab, and a seventeen year veteran of the Game Developers Conference volunteer program, the Conference Associates.

Email can be sent to jason at madwomb dot com.

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