Sole programmer for projects designed by a team at FableVision (Boston) for Swiss museums Creaviva and Beyeler:

"SPEED ART" Set-collection game

Created all gameplay systems including data management, scoring, feedback, language swapping, and scaling to screen size on refresh.
HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.

Project GitHub.

Lead programmer for dozens of game projects designed by my students, each with unique technical demands.
The students typically follow my tutorials for common features like player movement, NPC interactions, combat, pickups, etc, and I implement the features unique to each game.

Sample projects:

Implemented day / night phases, tower defenses, and enemy targeting.

Project GitHub
Implemented Time-travel systems
to swap environments, NPCs, pickups, and synchronized audio for the two time periods.


Added echolocation system and narrative tools

Project GitHub

Implemented various puzzles to escape each room.

Project GitHub

Developed AI system for ally NPCs to follow and fight alongside player
Built combat, power switching, and object destruction systems.

Project GitHub

Coded cookbook crafting and health / starvation systems.

Project GitHub

Developed UI branching narrative system and multiple visual effects tools.
Gameplay is entirely in the Unity Canvas UI system, and playable on smartphones.
Created to teach game story and UI development at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Project GitHub

Programmed framework for a two-player Robot Battle game, including player Bot selection, arena functionality, scoring, and win screen.
Built default Bot template for students to develop their own Battle-Bots, including movement, sample weapon, destructible shields, and respawn.
Created to teach Feature Prototyping course at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Project GitHub

Created to teach C# and Unity game development at Tufts and Harvard Universities, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Intro C# and Unity: How to coding in C# for introductory functionality in Unity.
Designed for experienced programmers to understand how to work in Unity and for those without experience to learn coding basics. Includes a full tutorial for a small 2D action game with physics, spawning, and scoring.

Visual Novel UI Games: A tutorial on making "Visual Novel" interactive stories, complete with sample scripts, art and Unity production pipelines, visual and audio effects, and a deep dive into the Unity "Canvas" UI system.

Action 2D Games: A collection of over a hundred scripts for 2D action games, most of which can be extended to 3D projects. Covers the basics of platformer and top-down exploration games: player character creaton, environment set-up, menus, centralized state for player stats, multiplayer, inventory, puzzles, enemies, NPC dialogue, Game Feel, and more.



5 years of game programming.
Over 15 years of game production experience.
Skilled in rapid prototyping in Unity and C#, using VS Code and native Unity debugging tools.
Adept in HTML5 game development in JavaScript/CSS.
Excellent communicator with deep understanding of game production pipelines.
Detail-oriented with a love for clear code and bug crushing.



Game Programmer (2023)
FableVision, Boston, MA

Sole programmer on a team of designers and artists.

Delivered HTML5 games using JavaScript and CSS.

Created prototypes for Swiss museums Creaviva and Beyeler on tight production deadlines for live playtesting events.

Instructor, Game Programming (2015-present)
Tufts University, Medford, MA
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA
DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA

Taught C# and Unity for students with a wide range of coding skills.

Built dozens of C# tutorials to teach gameplay functionality.

Contributed code to over a hundred Unity game prototypes.

At MassArt: Lead Programmer on most final Unity game projects.

At DigiPen: Created full 3D and 2D game frameworks for students to contribute features, and managed GitHubs with 45 simultaneous student contributors.

Game Developers Conference 2019 speaker:
      "How to Teach Five Semesters of
      Game Design in a Single Course"



Games and Interactive Media (2015-2023)

Architectural Visualization
Programmer and 3D Artist:
Interactive visualization of a proposed performance venue
Maya, Photoshop, and Unity. 2023.

Pitney Bowes
Lead Artist and Developer:
VR sales presentation tours of large-scale fulfillment warehouses
Maya, Photoshop, and Unity. 2020-2022.

Yaya Play Games, Somerville, MA
Designer and Artist:
Award-winning family card game Monsters in the Elevator.
Tabletop, 2016.

Lead Designer and Animator:
Children’s media games DinoTrucks and Monkey Garbage Truck.
Maya, Photoshop, Unity. iPad, 2016.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Lead Animator and Texture Artist:
Interactive museum exhibit “The Return” using motion capture with live performers.
Maya and Unreal Engine. 2015.

MIT Media Lab, Personal Robotics, Cambridge, MA
3D Animator:
Animation to drive research robots, including the Huggable medical care bear.
Maya, running on custom software. 2014-2015.

Harmonix Music Systems, Cambridge, MA
Lead Animator:
On the pre-development team for Dance Central, inventing visual systems for teaching rhythm and dance.
3ds Max, XBox Kinect. 2010.

Fire Hose Games, Cambridge, MA
Art and Animation Lead:
Tower Defense Battling and Building game Slam Bolt Scrappers
3ds Max and Gamebryo, PlayStation3 and Steam, 2008-2011.


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