Is a fighting/building mash-up on the PS3 Network and Steam.

I was senior artist on the project from October 2008 until it shipped March 2011. I worked on everything from animation, character and environment concepts, models, textures, and FX. I also co-created the game trailer and managed the art pipeline and interns.

DANCE CENTRAL by Harmonix Music Systems was a flagship title for the Microsoft Kinect.

I had the pleasure of working with Harmonix as a member of the five-month pre-development team at Fire Hose Games, hired to rapid-prototype ideas for game play. I was the team animator, creating twenty minutes of character dancing and rhythmic background animation.

MAP MONSTERS by Bodsix Games was a Geolocation Collectible game designed by the designers of Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield and George "Skaff" Elias.

I served as Art Director, responsible for character, environment, and HUD design and implementation under extremely short deadlines. I developed a non-linear system for managing contract artists that used an online wiki to structute asset-claiming, feedback and revisions without bottleneck.

Global Game Jam 2011: ICE BREAKER

For the theme "Extinction" my team made a two player battle for survival between a penguin flock riding an ice flow North beside a judgemental Walrus and a Crack in the Ice allied to a pack of hungry Killer Whales. XNA, 3ds max, Photoshop.

* My blog on the event, to sum up the art style:
FHG Explodes Cuteness All Over GGJ 2011

* Visit the GGJ page to play Ice Breaker

Global Game Jam 2010: THE LAST BULLFIGHT

For the global theme "Deception" and local themes "Rain, Plane, Spain," and "abstract" my team made a bullfight game from the POV of the bull, and I based all art on the work of Pablo Picasso.

My blogs on the event:
Day 1: GGJ 2010: Jason Reports From The Front
Day 2: The Most Heartbreaking Laughter
Day 3: Post Mortem-ing a Weekend

Visit the GGJ page to play The Last Bullfight


In 2003 I was the Artist-in-Residence at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts museum in San Francisco, where I and a programmer led 15 at-risk youth to create a complete video game in just 14 weeks.

The final product was a PC game set in a bizarre club where the player types dance moves and manages their drink intake to avoid dehydration.

Learn more and download the game here.

I am a twelve-year veteran CA ("Conference Associate" volunteer) of the Game Developer's Conference,
honored by Nintendo of America for my teaching and active in the Boston game development community.

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