A math card game:
Monsters in the Elevator!

Get Zombies bursting out of your chest

A new iPad game for kids: DinoTrucks!

Slam Bolt Scrappers just $10 on Steam!

Watch the trailer!

Dance Central

Seven of Hearts

My Art for the Boston Comics RoundTable Playing Card Deck:
The Magnificent Seven of Hearts


My RGD Talk at BFIG Talks 2018

I gave an interactive lesson on Rational Game Design
at the 2018 Boston Festival of Indie Games Talks.
As promised, here are the slides.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

OFFISH is here!

I will be at the 2017 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo this weekend selling copies of my new comic. “OFFISH” is a story about office-place bullying, told with marine life.


Learn more: http://madwomb.com/projects/offish/

Zombie Lady

I am working with a team at MIT making an AR zombie game.
My particular interest is to include a wide a variety of
body types and racial backgrounds.
Here is my first character for the game.

Comic Sequence

This was a concept piece for a project.
The writer chose a different direction,
but I greatly enjoyed working on this sequence.

Here are some of the early character concepts and references:


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