Download Club Busta Buena (WIN)

GAME TITLE: Club Busta Buena

10 megs zipped (unzip into included folder hierarchy).
Free. Requires Shockwave.

GAME SUMMARY: Dance in a club to get peoples' phone numbers while drinking water to avoid collapsing from dehydration!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the arrow keys to move forward and turn. Bump into dancers to begin a dance challenge. Type the letters which scroll to the right while they are still on the screen to copy their dance moves. Good scores earn a phone number. Perfect scores receive a phone number and an extra water ticket. Redeem water tickets at the Drink Me bar in each room to increase hydration level. Be careful to drink before dancing when you are in the red! When you have danced with everyone in a room, proceed to the exit for the next room.

CREATED BY: The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Young Artists at Work program, Fall 2003. Executive Producer: Cynthia Taylor. Producer/Artist Trainer: Jason Wiener. Artists: Frances Danielle Bentle, Marcela Lucia Cole, Ryan Collins, Cieara La'Shanna Green, Whitney Patriece Gregory, Antoine Cleophus Hicks, Jr., Chris Lee Lerma, Jeff Luy, Sanam Mobin Sean Petitt, Michelle Pine, Allen Deon Saunders, Talor Travis, Geronimo Walker, and Michael Anthony Woods, Jr.

CONTACT: Jason Wiener:

HISTORY: The Young Artists At Work (YAAW) program offers at risk high school students the opportunity to work as artists and learn marketable skills. For Club Busta Buena, 15 students learned game design, character design, sculpture, 3D modeling, texturing, and animation to produce this game in just 14 weeks. All the music for Club Busta Buena was created by the same students in their summer program.

CREATED WITH: Macromedia Director, Discreet 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Photoshop.

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